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GWDRC Club Coach

GWDRC Summer XC Prep 2022


What: Open to 6th to12th graders

GWDRC will be hosting a Summer XC Prep Session for beginner to advanced runners. 

Appropriate for athletes that can run easily for 30+minutes without stopping



Date:    Day:    Time:    Location
July 13    Wednesday    7:00-8:30am    Green Spring Trail
July 14    Thursday    7:00-8:30am    Green Spring Trail
July 15    Friday    7:00-8:30am    Green Spring Trail
July 18    Monday    7:00-8:30am    Green Spring Trail
July 19    Tuesday    7:00-8:30am    Green Spring Trail
July 20    Wednesday    7:00-8:30am    Green Spring Trail
July 21    Thursday    7:00-8:30am    Green Spring Trail
July 25    Monday    7:00-8:30am    Green Spring Trail
July 26    Tuesday    7:00-8:30am    Green Spring Trail
July 27    Wednesday    7:00-8:30am    Green Spring Trail
July 28    Thursday    7:00-8:30am    Green Spring Trail




$45.00 to GWDRC for Running Club

$14.00 AAU membership


GWDRC Pole Vault Spring 2022- 5th to 8th grade Pole Vault

What: GWDRC MS Pole Vault (5-8th grade)


Location: Jamestown High School Track/Green Spring Swamp Trail


Time: Wednesday’s 5:00-6:30pm

Start date: Starts on Monday, March 14 ends on Friday – May 11th)



$150.00 to GWDRC

Directions for AAU:  You must sign up for AAU (our Parent Organization) HOW TO SIGN UP FOR AAU: 1) Sign up for AAU ($14.00) 2) Our Club Membership # is W3486W - Greater Williamsburg Distance Running 3) Sign up at this link Club using the club number.


GWDRC is a non profit 501c3 organization. 

Vision statement: To inspire a new generation of distance runners.


Creating a lifetime passion in Greater Williamsburg area youth for distance running through instruction, training, and racing.  

Things we do:

a. Provide instruction and education in youth distance running.

b. Host youth cross country and track and field events to promote the health of young athletes.


c.  Host special events in the promotion of youth cross country and track and field.

Since 2014, the Greater Williamsburg Distance Running Club (GWDRC) has provided a team opportunity for 3rd to 8th grade boys and girls who have an interest in distance running (3+ miles).  Our youth club runners live in James City County, Upper York County and Williamsburg, VA, though the club is open to anyone in the region.